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08 April 2008 @ 20:42
Shattered, Chapter Two.  
Title: Shattered
Author: Bri, awesomazing
Rating: T
Word count: Chapter 2 – 1506
Current total - 3277
Summary/authors notes: "Joe," he kept on, he was passed listening to me and I was passed caring. He had been pacing back and forth in the tiny space for the last ten minutes, muttering to himself, his hand running through his hair occasionally. "Joe," I repeated; no response. "Joe! ... JOE." He stopped in his tracks and spun around to face me. It was then that he gave me the dirtiest look I have ever received in my entire life. You would have thought I had just ripped his own life from his hands. I felt my jaw slacken and my eyes began to fill, I might as well have been slapped in the face. I closed my mouth, blinked my eyes, stood up and walked away, never glancing back to mentally capture a final picture of the face I loved. As soon as the door closed behind me, I heard glass being thrown against it, shattering: probably the vase of tulips which had been sitting beside me only moments before.

(Chapter One)

“I just don’t understand him,” I said, keeping my voice low for fear of him hearing me. “He’s not like you. He’s not even like Nick. He’s moody and changes at the drop of a hat. He gets annoyed at stupid things … and … and he’s hopeless!” I sighed, Kevin rolled his eyes.

“I really don’t know why his actions are bothering you so much, when you’re saying you don’t really want to spend your time around him,” Kevin replied. He glanced over my shoulder at the stall behind us, making sure the dressing room door was still closed. “Look, I’m sorry my mom made him come with us, but he’s really okay after you pass all of his pretenses. You just have to get to know him. He probably has more pretenses for you because he knows you’re ‘cool’ with Nick and I, it’s weird for him to be the odd one out.”

I sighed again, this boy was way too confusing. If he felt left out, why couldn’t he just say that? I could have made sure that he wouldn’t feel excluded. But no, he had to be an overemotional boy who got his feelings hurt if someone accidentally stepped upon his toes. Maybe I was exaggerating, but his moodiness really irked me. Under normal circumstances, I would have just dropped this situation, I’m not exactly one to do drama, but this was different, somehow. Everything relating to Joseph was different, which is probably what entangled me into his web that much sooner.

“Just give him a chance, okay? If he’s still the annoying kid you’ve known since you were little by the end of the day, you’re no worse off than you were when you woke up. If you see his true personality, you’ll end the day with an awesome friend.” Kevin, the all seeing one, always offered an outside (and usually correct) perspective on the events of my life.

I glared at my shoelaces, stupid smiling penguins. I looked back up, he was still staring at me expectantly. “Sure, Kevin, I’ll give him another go,” I breathed, regretting the fact that I wouldn’t be allowed to make sarcastic remarks to Joseph, when he most certainly would again be an idiot. Oh, the courtesy of being nice.

“Give who another go?” a voice asked from behind me. I jumped, expecting it to be Joe, and I would have to create a story on the spot -- something I wasn’t exactly good at. Thankfully, it was Nick, carrying two belts in his hands.

“Your brother,” I stated simply.

“Oh yeah, don’t be too hard on him, Sadie. Joe sucks at getting used to new people,” he said. Everyone was defending him as if he was someone worth defending. I didn’t think so, nearly every side I’d seen of him practically screamed at me to stay away. “Anyway, which belt looks better?” He held them both up in front of him and to be honest, they looked the exact same to me, one just had a fancier buckle.

“The one on the right, the other buckle looks too complicated.” That was me, choose the path with the least complications, the least resistance. Maybe being nice to Joseph would be an easier path than rolling my eyes at each comment he made? I don’t know why I was so against being nice to him. Maybe, even then, I somehow knew it would all end in chaos and I was just attempting to prepare myself.

He nodded, putting the complicated belt aside, just as Joseph emerged from the dressing room. Nick began walking towards the register, whispering in my ear as he passed, “Remember, Sadie, just give him a fair chance.”


“YOU GUYS HAVE AN ICE RINK?!” he exclaimed, his eyes widening more with each word. “You guys have an ice rink IN TEXAS?!

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are we not allowed to have ice rinks?”

His cheeks reddened as he realized that just because it’s usually hotter in Texas than other states, yes, we, too, could have ice rinks. “I just haven’t ice skated in forever…” he said, already sounding like a whining, pathetic three year old. I bit my tongue, he stared at the rink wistfully. I sighed (this was becoming a regular occurrence). He had stupid, big, brown, puppy dog eyes. I was a sucker for things like that.

“Follow me,” I said, turning around and walking towards the red and blue booth blasting music. I could barely hear myself think over the extreme loudness.

A girl with bleached blonde hair, who was smacking her gum a tad too much, looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

“Can I rent four pairs of ice skates, please?” I felt someone jab me in my side. Nick. I turned my head towards him, “Yeah?”

“I don’t ice skate… neither does Kevin, which is probably why Joe wants to skate so much. We always protest.” My mouth dropped open, how could someone not ice skate? I wasn’t exactly the most coordinated person, but I still got on the ice, grasping the wall nearly every step. I glanced at Kevin, he was nodding, confirmed their non-ice skating-ness. Then I faced Joseph, his eyes were still hopeful.

“Well, I guess we can’t go ice skating then, if everyone’s not into it,” I said, dejected myself. Ice skating was always something that I enjoyed, even considering the bruises.

Kevin easily reading the disappointment on my face, offered a solution. “Sadie, you don’t have to baby sit us all day, you know? We are capable of walking around by ourselves. You and Joe have fun, we’ll meet up again in an hour or so for lunch or something.”

Despite the fact that I’d have to spend an hour alone with Joseph, I was excited, I hadn’t been ice skating in at least three years. Nick and Kevin waved at Joseph and I as they departed. I turned back to the girl managing the booth, “Two pairs, then.”

She grabbed our sizes and we walked towards a bench to lace up our skates. “So, Joseph, I guess it’s just me and you.”

His didn’t reply, instead focusing on tying his left skate. “I’ll be nicer to you when you start calling me Joe,” he said, still not meeting my eyes.

“Okay… Joe,” I replied. It wasn’t as weird calling him Joe as I thought it would be. “I have to warn you, though, I’m dangerous on skates. My balance isn’t exactly the best in the world.”

He chuckled, “Well, I’m not all that coordinated normally, but I’m a beast on the ice. Don’t worry, I’ll help you get used to it.”

I smiled, maybe the whole calling him Joe thing really made a difference? I stood up on my skates already a little wobbly. I took one step forward and instantly clutched the bench again. He laughed and I felt my face warm. “Here,” he said, offering me his hand. “I’ll help you get to the ice.”

I took his hand, following him. “Okay step with your right foot, now your left, right, left, right, left. See you’ve got it!” The moment he let go of my hand, I fell on my butt.

“Yeah, I’ve definitely got it,” I said, struggling to get back on my feet. He laughed again, and I found myself laughing, too. Laughter can be contagious, right?

“Hold on, just let me do a warm up lap, and then I’ll help you some more.” He guided me over to the wall, most likely so I wouldn’t fall again. Suddenly, he took off, like the speed of lighting. When he reached the half lap mark, he twisted slightly so that he was skating backwards. That took talent. When he returned, my face clearly conveyed my astonishment over his little trick.

He smiled, show off. “It’s really not that difficult if you can master skating front ways first.” I rolled my eyes, deciding I was going to prove to him that I could skate normally without looking like a fool. Two steps into it, I slid, falling again. This time, my arm hit the ice, chafing.

Laughter at my mistakes. Again. He was in front of me offering his hand. Again. His eyes glanced down at my arm, suddenly red from the impact. I could literally feel it burning. For future reference, wear long sleeves when you plan to ice skate. Before I could even ask, he was already shrugging out of his jacket, “Here, wear this, it’ll protect you a little more. If anything, it’ll provide some cushion when you fall next.”

I smiled, pushing my arms into the fluffy sleeves. I always preferred men’s jackets, they were just more comfortable, y‘know? I breathed in, instantly inhaling a huge whiff of his cologne that was embedded into the collar. It smelled incredible.

He grabbed my hand, “Okay, let’s try this once again. Right, left, right, left...” I didn’t fall again; he never let go of my hand.

NOTE: Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback! I'll post one update a night until we're caught up with my other postings. Also! What cologne do you wish Joe wore?
hellodianehellodiane on 9th April 2008 02:01 (UTC)
awwh; that was so cute.
i want a guy to take my ice skating.
preferably joe. or nick. or kevin. haha.
but i haven't been skating in nearly ten years.

hmm. cologne? i'm not a big perfume/cologne girl,
so i don't really have a preference. (;
i guess something light; nothing strong?
i honestly have noidea.

but good chapter! can't wait to read more.
swarley.awesomazing on 9th April 2008 02:06 (UTC)
haha! yeah, a lot of the things that happen in this fic have to do with either something I talked about/planned to do for that day. When I wrote this, I had plans to go ice skating in Dallas the next day, so yeah. :) Thanks for your comment!
aloha_days on 9th April 2008 04:12 (UTC)
i can tell i'm really going to enjoy this story a lot!

oh, and i'm not a big perfume/cologne girl either, i just want a guy to smell soap-clean, i hope that makes sense, haha.
swarley.awesomazing on 10th April 2008 00:05 (UTC)
Soap Clean is actually one of my favorite smells, so it all works at the end of the day :)
I'm glad you think you'll like it! Hopefully I won't disappoint.
dollxhousee on 9th May 2008 04:30 (UTC)
This is really good so far.
... and I really want to go ice-skating now.

I like soap-clean, too.
i remember when we kissed ♥xclassy on 13th June 2008 04:32 (UTC)
the real joe comes out ;)
that was really cute!
i'm really into this story and excited to see what's gonna happen next.
nice work!
longislandslongislands on 18th August 2008 03:28 (UTC)
this is really cute, i love where the story is going