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Jonas Brothers fanfiction.

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Jonas Brothers fanfiction.

Just Your Voice
justyourvoice is a fanfiction community for myself, Amee, (ziirax) and the lovely Bri (awesomazing) to post our Jonas Brothers-related fanfics. Fanfiction is great, therefore we write it, therefore you read it. Or at least you should (:

1. You must join to read the fanfiction? Why? Because we like to see that people are taking an interest in our stories, that's why. We want to know who is keeping track and reading our updates. Simple, painless, just click the link and join (:
2. Comment when you read a chapter. This one's clearly not mandatory but it helps with our writing and you never know, your input will possibly and probably be taken into consideration when writing what comes next. Ooh, get on you.
3. Enjoy. Be sweet, we'll be sweet, your mom'll be sweet, the world will be sweet. Peace out ;D

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Comment to be affiliates if you like, any JBish community will be accepted because we like friends :)

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